Choosing Specifications wisely saves time and money.

Everyone always asks: “Why is it so important for me to pick out the Specifications before we even start construction?”

This one is so important. Please spend as much time as necessary identifying the items that we will be filling your home with. No one likes surprises, increased costs, or longer build times.

The best way to get a project to come in on time and on budget is to specify everything before construction starts. We can order everything ahead of time, check it for damage when it arrives, and warehouse it so that the minute we need it, we have it. No back orders. No returns due to damage. No costly delays for any reason.

You may think that by stating, “I want a black, steel fireplace that is 36'' x 36'' in this corner right here,” that you’ve been specific enough. Well, it is possible when you pick out the actual fireplace unit, there will be some changes in framing and that will lead to a potential code violation. These are any number of scenarios where something like this can happen. Let’s say you decide at the last minute to pick a toilet that mounts to the wall instead of the floor; plumbers charge more for that type of installation. Now the price goes up and there could be delays. There may even be code issues. Had we known earlier about that specification, we could have double-checked the code, ordered what you wanted and negotiated with the plumber.

Planning ahead saves time and money in the end so it’s worth it to take a little more time to pick what you want before construction begins.