Why can’t I buy from Home Depot or the internet?

When clients are creating their Specifications (what it inside your home specifically), we often are asked if it’s okay to buy from Home Depot or the internet. The answer is, that’s not a very good idea, and here’s why:

  • The products you buy from our vendors are authentic, manufacturer products not close-outs, cheaper versions, counterfeits, or knock-offs.
  • The prices you get from our vendors are not marked up by us. You get the same price that we do as a home builder.
  • All of the products our vendors stock have been checked for damage and operation.
  • All of the products are warehoused and delivered when we need them. They are not laying around the job site where they can be lost, stolen or damaged. No one can order that item out from under us.
  • If there is something wrong with a product our vendors will replace it.

Websites are great but not when it comes to shopping for the building of your home. The building process is challenging and we work hard to make things happen the right way and on time (some like to call it flow) and when we are dependent on the reliability of online retailers things can go wrong quickly. It could be as small as a light fixture coming from an online source that’s missing a light bulb. Typically it’s not that big of a deal, but the City of Austin inspector is scheduled that day and he shows up a half hour early while one of our guys is out bulb shopping. If the inspector won’t wait for my guy to return, we fail inspection. Then there is a rescheduling, probably a time delay, back charges to you, and so on. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but this very thing has happened.

But, we get it. If there is a beautiful Italian chandelier online that you absolutely must have and our vendor can’t track it down then we will ask you to buy it, store it, and take full responsibility for its quality and working condition. At the end of the day we work for you and we want you to have your dream home just the way you imagined it.