When do I hire a builder?

It is Urban Home Builders belief that you want to get the builder involved as soon as possible, no matter where you are in the process.

With that said UHB is second in command. Everyone else, works for us. Why not get us involved as soon as possible? Let us look after your best interests. Allow us to start saving you money sooner rather than later. We can instantly lower anxiety, set a comprehensive plan in place, review what you've done already and make recommendations if we feel you've made a misstep. Look at it this way, if your brother or father was us, wouldn't you assign them to this second in command position as soon as possible? 

As a friendly reminder, you do make all the decisions, all we do is give you the facts and the unfiltered truth. What we have found is it comes down to trust. We are very aware that the home builder is second to the used car salesman; no one trusts a home builder. Well, ALL of our clients have given us the highest accolades on Yelp and Google. You'll talk with them and maybe meet a few, and they will say that honesty and integrity cannot be carved out of us. So let us start working for you. Let us blow you away. Let us restore your faith in humanity.